IG MacCullock and Sons

We are a member of Trust My Garage and follow their Customer Charter meaning we can be relied on:
  • To provide you with a fixed quote of an estimate, both inclusive of parts, labour and VAT when requested.
  • To only charge you for work completed and parts supplied and fitted.
  • To allow you to follow your vehicle's service schedule.
  • To work to high standards and continue to achieve the key industry standards set by the RMI's IGA.
  • To explain things clearly and treat you and your vehicle with respect.
  • To use up to date technical information, techniques and tooling.
  • To comply with the TMG 'Code of Practice for Service and Repair'.
More information about the Trust My Garage scheme can be found at their website; trustmygarage.co.uk

You can also see our customers' reviews on our listing by clicking here.

The Trust My Garage code of practice is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.